How to crack your new Teaching Interview?


Teaching is the oldest and noblest profession in the world. Teachers are an integral part of the whole education system. They are the pillars of any school or academic campus. The success and failure of the institution are very deeply related to the status of teachers in it. A good panel of teachers explores the reputation of an institution that’s why hiring and test before hiring of a teacher become crucial. Every institute evaluates the knowledge, skill, personality, and character of a teacher very minutely.

The critically involved in teacher recruitment makes it one of the toughest interviews. You need to prepare yourself for certain most asked and relevant questions which are repeatedly asked in various interviews. Here are some very common questions and concerns that help you to crack an interview for a teaching jobs.

They help you to develop X-Factor within you which are desired character by school administrators apart from academic degree and school management skills.

1.      The Motive Behind Becoming a Teacher

It is the most common question asked in an interview for years. “It is my passion”, I want to serve the society” are the very idealistic and common answers. Now the interview panel wants the most specific and genuine answer from you. So, tell them a personal story, incident or inspiring story which seems a bit practical.

2.      How You Make Teaching Effortless

Administrators want to know about the different shades of your personality. Tell them about your storytelling ability. Explain to them about Use of expression and dactylology skills through with turns teaching more vibrant. Shows your dedication for a teaching job by your other skills that you learn only to students involved in your classroom.

3.      Your Strength and Weakness

It is a universally asked question. Portrait your expertise and strong points in front of the interviewer. Play smartly with your weakness and tell them that kind of weakness which ultimately expresses your strength. You can say that cleanness and well-organized desk, mutual sharing and friendly nature, etc are your weaker sections. It reflects a positive image in front of the interview panel.

4.      What is Your Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy is the key that enforces you to adopt the teaching profession. It could be different for everyone but when you have to go for an interview, check the philosophy of the organization and tune yours accordingly. There are some idealistic approaches like satisfy students’ passion, sharing students’ burden to make their life easy can help you to express a positive philosophy.

5.      Role of Social Media and Technology in the Classroom

In the age of social media advancement of technology, this question is very genuine to ask in an interview for teacher job. You have to be more precise and accurate. Sharing news and updates to parents, PPt and audio-video teaching methods in the classroom are some good examples that create an image of you as positive and person with advance thinking in front of an interview panel.

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